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New Features in Android 11
A quick summary of new features available with the Android 11 update
Before you update your device from Android 8.1 to Android 11, please be sure to check out our update guide.
In this guide, you can also download the new OTA app that you will need for the update.
Android 11 comes with many new features from Android. Below is brief overview of what is new!

Android 11 Gestures

If you used gestures in Android 8.1, the old Blloc gestures are essentially unchanged. The same gestures were introduced to Android 10, and with Android 11 you now have more touch customisation features. In addition, you also have the option of using 2 or 3 button navigation.
To explore these settings, just go to Android Settings > System > Gesture Navigation.

New MNML launcher

With the new update, we also refreshed the look of MNML launcher. In Android 11, there are lots of new customisation features and it now supports "Add to Home" bookmarks from your browser, and PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). Soon, full widget support will be added to Android 11.
Just long-press on your background to see the new settings available.

New K9 Email app (the old Email app is discontinued)

In place of the Email app in Android 8.1, we replaced it with K9 Email - a great privacy-focused, no-tracking app. For a quick set-up guide, please check out Tips & Tricks page here.
For more information about the K9 Team and their project, please be sure to check out

New AudioFX equalizer

A missing function from Android 8.1, but an essential one, is the ability to control your sound quality. In Android 11, we included the Audio FX app made by the team at LineageOS. Another no tracking app with a focus on privacy.
For more information about the Lineage OS team and their project, check out

SeedVault Backup

As an alternative to cloud-based storage or manually exporting your data app by app, we included SeedVault made by the team at the Calyx Institute.
With SeedVault, you can now encrypt and store your backup offline on a USB flash drive, which is only accessible to you, with a randomly-generated 12-word key.
You can also save locally to your Z18. However please note that your data will be lost if your phone is lost, broken, or in the event of a factory reset. For this reason, we recommend that you use Seedvault backup with a USB-C flash drive, and you keep it and your recovery codes, somewhere safe.
To read more about the Calyx team and their project, please see:

New style and new themes

Android 11 comes with even more features and customisation. There are simply too many to list them all, but some of our highlights from the team include the following changes and improvements:
  • Privacy and Permission manager
Privacy settings were a bit tricky to find and we love how they are now highlighted in your Android settings.
You can now find them under Android Settings > Privacy
  • Do Not Disturb
Previously this feature blocked all notifications, however you now can exclude certain contacts and apps.
Check out the new options under Android Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb
  • Digital Wellbeing Tools
We like how this feature gives you a complete overview of your phone/app usage, and additional settings to help you focus on what's important.
Find these settings under Android Settings > Digital Wellbeing & parental controls
  • Display settings - Styles, grid, status bar, lock Screen
If you used MNML launcher in Android 8.1, you were unable to customise your Home Screen and Status bar. In Android 11, this is now possible.
Long-press your MNML Home Screen for display settings, and go to Android Settings and search for 'Status bar' to manage settings.

Other Android 11 Features

For other features available and for more information, please check out*
*Please keep in mind that some of the features mentioned on this page rely on Google Services. If you use your OS without them, the feature may not work as intented or be available to you.
Before you update your device to Android 11, please be sure to check out our help guide.
In this guide, you can also download the new OTA app that you will need for the update.
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