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Android 11 Update Guide
Important points to help you update from Android 8.1 to Android 11
Before updating from Android 8.1 to Android 11, please read all steps on this page.
If you are already using Android 11, please just see the OTA update guide or flashing tool update guide, as well as the bugs we're working on.

Before the Update

  • General phone data back up
Please make sure your general phone back up is up to date.
If have never backed up your device, consider using a cloud service or check out our guides on transferring phone data to a computer and exporting your contacts.
  • SMS app - Back up important messages
The SMS app is being replaced and your SMS history will be erased in this update.
If you have anything important please back up your messages. Consider taking screenshots and saving/exporting those to an online drive, your Email or use a 3rd party SMS back up app.
  • Email app - Back up drafts
The standard Email app will be discontinued. However in Android 11 the K9 email app is available (set up guide here). If you have any drafts saved on your phone, be sure to back them up to your email account as they will be deleted.
  • Battery 50% or above
The update will take around 20mins to complete and your phone will restart 2 times. To ensure a smooth update as possible, please make sure your battery is at least 50% before you begin.
We also recommend that you connect it to your wall charger during the update.
  • Stable WiFi connection
The download for this update is >1GB so a stable WiFi connection is recommended.
  • OTA update, if your Blloc OS version is v4.0.1 OR (see next ✔️)
The update to Android 11 OTA can only be carried out if you have the last Android 8.1 OS v4.0.1. (Check your version and the available update methods here)
To update OTA, download here the new OTA app compatible with Android 11 directly on your phone.
If you have problems with installing the new updater app, please try going directly to the ‘Downloads' folder from your Files app, and install it from there. Alternatively, please try using another browser.
  • OR Flashing tool update, from any version in Android 8.1
To update from any Android 8.1 version, you can use the flashing tool on your computer to carry out the Android 11 update.
(Check your version and available update methods here)

During the Update

  • Your phone will reboot twice. Please do not use your phone during the first reboot.
The update in total will take about 20mins to complete OTA, and 15mins to complete with the flashing tool.
Around halfway during this time, your phone will reboot. Please do not use your phone on the first reboot.
It will restart again and the update installation will continue. Once 20mins are finished, you can use your phone again without interruption however we recommend one last manual restart.

After the Update

  • Final restart for SMS messages
Now that the update is complete, please restart your phone manually one last time.
Some users will not receive any SMS messages, however one last restart prevents this issue.

Help, Bugs & Blloc Community

If you encounter issues with an update please be sure to use the Flashing tool, and also check out the Troubleshooting update errors help pages.
If you would like to report bugs or see what others have reported, please check out the Z18 BllocCommunity group. You can automatically join the group here.
Open issues in Android 11 we are working on urgently, affecting both Google & Google Free OS:
Hotspot not activating for all
WiFi connection issues for some WPA2 & WPA3 networks
Contacts not found after update for some ⏲️ 2-5mins work around / temporary solution Restore contacts from your back up
MNML mode icons disappearing on restart for all ⏲️ <60secs work around Long press empty space on your wallpaper > Styles & wallpaper > Grid - chose a setting & exit.
Home app and font size settings not saved for all Not able to change phone/dialer app call volume on the device for all ⏲️ <60secs work around Using a headphone set instead, ideally bluetooth
We are also happy to assist. Just email us at [email protected]
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