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Universal Search
Search for apps, contacts and online from your Home Screen
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To help minimise distractions by having to go to several different apps, we have included a powerful search function that makes use of the search bar on your Tiles Home Screen.
Search for apps, Android settings, Contacts or do a simple Google search.
Universal search example
The Universal Search feature is will be available in your region soon.
At the moment only Google search is integrated, but other search providers are coming soon!

How does it work?

Simply search from the Tiles Home Screen, and your results will be displayed immediately.
Blloc does not track or sell your search terms, or your personal data.
Read more in our Privacy FAQs here.

Universal Search Features

To make the most of Universal Search and all its available features, you will need to set Ratio as your home launcher. If you declined to do this during or after the onboarding, just go to Android Settings and search for 'Default Home App'.
Features include:
  • App Search Simply search for all apps installed on your device, including Hidden apps.
  • Contacts Search Find contacts you interacted with in your Conversations view, including Archived ones.
  • Autocomplete See search suggestions when you enter your search terms.
  • Web Search By tapping 'Enter' on your keyboard, you will begin a Google search in your default browser app.
  • App Specific search Once you enter your search term, toggle the Quick Actions button to open your search in one of the following apps: Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Chrome
App Specific search only works if these apps are installed on your device.
Toggle quick actions for app specific search
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