How to Blloc
On the Home Screen of Ratio, you will see Tiles, Custom Drawers and if enabled, a Dock that holds up to 5 apps.
Tiles are your apps but not distracting: with enhanced functionality and minimal design. To maintain a clean desktop environment, store your Tiles in Custom Drawers.
All your apps are stored in the App Drawer. Access the App Drawer by swiping up from the bottom of your screen.
If you need a tutorial refresher, please go to: Ratio Settings > General > Onboarding > Start
Now you finished onboarding, your home screen may look like the image below.
Left image - Tiles, Custom Drawers and Dock. Right image - Swipe up for App Drawer
To make further changes, please read on!

Organise and Customise Tiles

Further options will be shown to you when you long press a Tile, that allow for individual and bulk organisations and customisations.
Long press on Tile
1. Customise individual Tiles
... to look and behave the way you want. To modify settings, just long press on a Tile and choose App Dashboard. In this view, there are many of functions that you can play around with.
2. Organise & Move apps
Long pressing a Tile brings up mutiple options - Uninstall, Remove, Dock, Select and App Dashboard.
Organise your Tiles by moving them individually or selecting multiple apps, and dragging them to your chosen location or action:
Moving apps
3. Icon packs You can change your Tiles icons by going Ratio Settings > Tiles > Icon pack. Download and apply your desired icon pack.
If you have more suggestions for icon packs, please submit them here

App Dashboard

Now that you have long pressed on a Tile, and selected App Dashboard, you will be shown the following screen:
On the app dashboard your can:
  • View Usage Time Statistics (if you declined this feature during onboarding, you can enable it in Ratio Settings > Permissions > App Usage access)
  • See info about the app in your Android Settings
  • Uninstall an app
  • Change a single App Icon
  • Set tile shade: Classic, Dark Highlight, Bright Highlight, Marker
  • Color - choose the app to be in monochrome/greyscale or color
  • Lock the app with your fingerprint (Make sure you have a fingerprint App Lock set before attempting to lock your app!)
  • Mute app notifications
  • Expand the size of Tile on your Home Screen

Add and Remove Apps to Dock

To add apps to the dock, simply long-press a Tile from your Drawers or the App Box and select 'Dock'
Options when you long press a Tile
To remove apps from the dock, by simply long-press and select the 'x Remove' option.
The dock is deleted automatically when you remove all apps
For further Tiles settings and options, go to Ratio Settings > Tiles
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