How to Blloc
Your Command Centre
Swipe left to right from your Home Screen to access the Root.
The Root is your command centre, where you can quickly access all vital services. There is an input zone at the bottom of the screen where you can either type a command or select one of the pill shaped hints. This simplified command and search element allows you to get the information you need without getting sucked into apps.
Each command will generate a result in the shape of a 'Card', that will appear at the bottom of the screen.
Be sure to go through the inbuilt walkthrough. If you dismissed it, you can watch it again under Ratio Settings > General > Start Onboarding
The Root has the potential to contain multiple Cards. With one click, get the weather, fetch daily news, pick your next song, set a timer, or search for a Youtube video.
Root with multiple cards


Once you select a service, it will show up on your Root as a Card. Each Card has a clear bold title and can be presented in several different states:
  • Collapsed state where it takes up as little space as possible in the Root
Collapsed card
  • Expanded state where it shows a list of items and more information
Expanded card
Once you are finished with your card, you can quickly delete it by long pressing the left and selecting the πŸ—‘οΈ icon. Select the [ + ] icon to take a screenshot, which is saved in your photo gallery.
Delete and screenshot card options
If you have several cards and want to remove all of them, just select the Blloc symbol and 'Clear Root'
Clear Root
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Pinned Cards

In the Root, you are also able to pin some of your favourite cards to the top of your screen. To pin a card, long press the left of the card and select the 'πŸ“Œ' icon:
Pin a card
The pinned version of the card contains minimal information and actions, and will appear on both your Root and Tiles. When you tap on the pinned card, you will be taken back to the card in the Root.
Pinned card on Root and Tiles/Home Screens
To delete a pinned card, swipe it from left to right:
Delete a pinned card
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Removing or Editing Root Services

If you have services that are not interesting or useful for you, you can turn these off from the Root Settings. Also, When you see an arrow βŒ„ tap on it for more edit options!
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Available Services & Cards

Below is a tabled list of services, what they do and the commands that are possible.
*This service does not create a card, but it opens in your browser instead.
Commands possible
Default search* (Google or Qwant)
Perform a web/images search using the Google or Qwant search engine, to open externally on a browser of your choice.
google {keywords}
google images {keywords}
qwant {keywords}
qwant images {keywords}
Perform basic calculations directly from the root
View upcoming events from your default calendar
Perform conversions with currency, length, mass frequency, temperature and many more
Perform a search using the Google search engine, to open externally on a browser of your choice
search keywords
Get the latest articles from a selection of news sources or trending news for a selection of countries
news {name of news source}
Create and edit text notes and lists
notes β†’ creates a note card
​Qwant (web search)
Perform a web search using the Qwant search engine, to open within the card itself
search keywords
Check upcoming concerts in the specified city or for the specified artist
songkick artist {name of artist}
songkick city {name of city}
Get basic Spotify controls
spotify β†’ creates a spotify card
Access travel tickets and passes by scanning QR codes
Set a countdown timer for the specified duration
timer {duration}
timer 1min30
timer 1m30
Get an updated daily and weekly forecast for the specified location.
weather {location} β†’ try with any address you want
weather here
Search for youtube videos
youtube {keywords}
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