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Conversations (Beta)
The Tree, rebranded. All-in-one communication window for increased focus and productivity.
Swipe right to left from your Home Screen to access Conversations (Beta). This view brings all your communications and notifications to one screen, so you can avoid needlessly opening, closing, and switching between multiple messaging apps.
Check out the set up guide below, as well as the Features and Contact Actions guides.

Conversations Set-Up Guide

1. Follow the Conversations Onboarding

Ratio Settings > Conversations > Onboarding > Start
Grant all Permissions suggested in the Conversations Onboarding, to get the most from this view.
You can review them at any time from Ratio Settings > Permissions.

2. Connect your messaging apps with Conversations

Toggle the apps you want to use in Conversations from Ratio Settings. Currently Conversations support:
* Support for this messaging platform is coming soon to all regions. A separate app is not required for Telegram, as you can log in directly via settings. You will only need it to open it to view or download certain files.
Telegram login guide:
  • Enter your phone number in international format or "+ country code" and press Submit
  • Wait to receive a log in code from Telegram
  • Enter the log in code and press Submit again

3. To receive messages, check the following settings and permissions are enabled:

Go to Ratio Settings:
  • Conversations > Use Ratio Permission & Supported Apps (these settings) are enabled
  • Permissions > Notifications - Conversations
Conversations allow you to respond directly to messages from within it, for up to 2 days after receiving them.
When this is no longer possible, you will be directed to your messaging app.
🚩 Please keep in mind that any messages you send outside of Conversations, directly in the messaging app, will not appear within your Conversations view 🚩

You're all set! 🎉

If you have any questions, please check out our Conversations FAQs, or reach out to us at [email protected]!
Last modified 5mo ago