How to Blloc
Ratio Membership
How to redeem your lifetime Ratio membership!
Ratio will soon require a membership, and this feature is being rolled out region by region.
Membership is not required for Ratio when using it on the Z18. It is only required for other Android devices.
If you purchased a Z18 directly from Blloc (and did not return it for a full refund), we would like to give you a lifetime Ratio membership with 1 redeemable code against your order for the Play Store.
If you placed multiple phone orders, then you are eligible to receive multiple codes.
If you purchased the Z18 from a private seller, I'm afraid you will not be elligible.

How do I get my redeemable code?

We kindly ask that you please only get in touch if you see a pop up message regarding Ratio Membership. There is no need until you do!
For security reasons, we will only assign a code to the person who placed the order on
If you received the Z18 as a gift from someone else, we kindly ask the person who made the order to contact us and give explicit instructions to reassign their code to someone else. They must also be able to demonstrate they placed the order from one of the below.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
So that we can provide you with a Lifetime Membership redeemable code, please email us at [email protected] with one of the following:
  1. 1.
    The quickest way to verify you made the purchase, is to contact us from the same email address that you placed your purchase from.
  2. 2.
    If you no longer have access to no. 1, please get in touch with a copy of your invoice or order ID (the long reference beginning with or_)
  3. 3.
    If you no longer have access to no. 1 or 2, please get in touch with your billing and shipping details. We will only accept this information if you are the person on the billing address, and this information must match your order. We will not be able to share the assigned code with you otherwise.

How do I apply the code to my Google Play Store account?

From your device:

Please follow these instructions to redeem a code on the Play Store app.

From the web:

Go on and sign in with your Gmail account. Next enter your code and select redeem. Once redeemed, you can either sign into your device and download it from your library, or choose the 'Send to device' option.

Further FAQs

Why are you only offering memberships via the Google Play Store?

The Play Store offers the best infrastructure for offering and managing subscriptions at this phase of our journey.
Offering memberships directly on both as well as the Google Play Store, is not something we have ruled out in future. It's just not something we can offer right now.

My phone does not have Google Services. How can I redeem it?

Sadly we are not able to offer an alternative at this time, so this is not possible if your phone is Google-free.
If you use a Z18, we have removed the need for a subscription or membership. If you still receive a pop up regarding membership, please be sure to update it to the latest version from the Play Store.

I have multiple devices. Can I get another code?

If you have multiple Android devices, just log into your Play Store account on all your Android devices. The code is applied to your account, so you can download Ratio multiple times. Please check out our Ratio FAQs for a troubleshooting guide in case

I applied my code to the wrong Play Store account, or I lost access to my Google account. Can I get another code?

No. You will be assigned 1 code per phone order, so please ensure you apply the code to the correct account and your account recovery is up to date.
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