How to Blloc
Set up

Starting your Z18

To start your phone perform a long press on the power button on the side under the volume buttons. In 4 seconds the logo animation will show up and your phone will start to configure itself. You will then be greeted by a couple of simple on-boarding steps:

Google Play Services

Blloc is an out of the box pure minimal stock-Android software experience as it supposed to be, without bloat-ware and most importantly no affiliation or any pre-installed Google services or applications. As an end user you have the full right to install and modify your phone to install Google Play services whenever you want. You can still download any app you want through an alternative app store (we included Aurora Store) and use the phone Google-free forever.
The installation of Google services on your Blloc phone is irreversible, even with a factory reset.
The next page will show you how to install it or you can skip to Google Services Alternatives to see what options you have if you do not install them.
As exciting and interesting some people may find the idea of a Google-free phone and all the positive data privacy and liberation it may bring, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages of not installing them:
  • Apps that use Google Maps or Google Location services might not work properly. Most location based apps (Uber, Lime, or any ride hailing / scooter renting) on iOS and Android deeply integrate an array of Google location services to fetch addresses
  • Payments through Google APIs (e-tickets, in-app purchases, games) and banking apps like Revolut, N26, Monzo also might not function properly
  • Connecting Google accounts - Some apps (e.g trello) use Google accounts to login and old backups from Google drive won't connect
Last modified 10mo ago