How to Blloc
Root FAQs
This section covers the most asked questions related to the Root and the Tree
Be sure to go through the inbuilt walkthrough. If you dismissed it, you can watch it again under BllocSettings > General > Start Onboarding

How do I delete a card?

To delete a card, long press the left of the card, and select the 'trash' icon.

How do I pin a card?

To pin a card, long press the left of the card and select the 'pin' icon.

How do I remove a Root service?

If you have services that are not interesting or useful for you, you can turn these off from BllocSettings > Root.

The Root and Ratio have become really slow.

Please clear your Root of any old cards, and this will impove the speed. You can delete a one by one, or by long pressing the Blloc Icon and selecting 'Clear Root':

My question is not here.

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