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Conversations (Beta) FAQs
This section covers the most popular questions about Conversations

How does Conversations work?

Conversations works by displaying incoming notifications from your messaging apps in one view.
In this view you can read messages incognito (without being seen), and organise your messages and contacts.
Conversations processes everything locally on your device. None of your messages are processed in, or sent to a server.

Are any messages sent to or processed in a server?

No, everything is done locally on your device!

Notifications are not showing up in Conversations.

Please check that notifications are allowed from within your messaging app, and they are not restricted (eg, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger)
Please also make sure that you're using Ratio notifications and you have enabled Ratio to access the messaging app from Ratio settings as shown below:
Conversations allow you to respond directly to messages from within it, for up to 2 days after receiving them. When this is no longer possible, you will be directed to your messaging app.
🚩 Please keep in mind that any messages you send outside of Conversations, will not appear within the Conversations view. 🚩

How do I merge the same contact from different platforms?

Select 2 contacts and select 'Merge'. Check out the steps here.

Do Conversations work with different user profiles?

Yes, you will see messages from the Conversations in all your user profiles that have access to Ratio. If messages are too distracting, you can mute them or add Focus Hours.

How do I delete a message tag?

Just go to Ratio Settings > Conversations > Delete tag

My messages are in a strange format.

Please update your Ratio version to the latest. The 'Devs only' options have been removed from the settings.

My question is not here.

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