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Tiles & Drawers FAQs
Be sure to go through the inbuilt walkthrough. If you dismissed it, you can watch it again under Ratio Settings > General > Start Onboarding

How do I turn apps to monochrome/greyscale, or use the Color function?

To set apps individually to greyscale, long press a tile and select the Color option. You can also quickly switch apps to monochrome with your fingerprint or from Quick Settings (guide here).
We are revamping this feature in Ratio5, and you may find it doesn't work so well at the moment. It will be even better when it's back!

How do I enable the Notification Pill/Dot?

For this feature, please enable the following permission:
Ratio Settings > Permissions > Notifications - Tiles

How can I see how much time I spend on an app or drawer? I cannot see any app or drawer usage statistics.

For this feature, please grant the following permission:
Ratio Settings > Permissions > App Usage access

How do I delete a drawer?

Just long press the drawer name, and select 'Delete' from the menu.

I can't see my wallaper.

Focus Mode is turned on. To change this:
Long press the Blloc Icon and select 'Focus Mode' to turn it off

How do I move my apps?

There are 2 ways to move an app:
  1. 1.
    Individually if you long press, drag and drop an App from one Drawer to another
  2. 2.
    Several at a time, by selecting multiple apps and dragging them to your chosen location.
Moving multiple apps

My question is not here.

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