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Privacy FAQs
This section covers frequently asked privacy questions for all our products.

Does Blloc collect or store any of my personal data?

None of your personal data is collected or stored from your Z18, Ratio, or BllocDesk back to Blloc. We value privacy and believe that all your personal data belongs to you.

Do you use any analytics service?

For the Z18 and Ratio we’re using Mixpanel and Sentry to anonymously analyse basic usage events. This is to help us build a better product.
Events do not contain any personal data, are encrypted via https, and cannot be attributed or traced back to any individual.
For example, we analyse the number of active users, crashes and errors on a particular day.

Are there any Google services embedded in Ratio, BllocDesk, or the Z18?

Yes and no.
BllocDesk contains none and the Z18 is delivered free of Google services.
Since we introduced Universal Search* publicly in Ratio, a Google search API is now included. However you do not need to use a device with Google Play Services to run Ratio, or use Universal Search. For example you can use Ratio if you have one of the latest Huawei devices.
Soon, we will also offer a Ratio Membership which you can only sign up for in the Google Play Store. Read more about our decision here.
*Universal Search will be available in your region soon.

What permissions are required for your products?

-As the Z18 is rooted and delivered free of Google services, system root access is required. Only Blloc apps will root access. All other permissions are shown to you during setup, and you can decline or revoke them at any time. Just to BllocMode > Blloc Settings > General > Permissions Manager (in v3.2.4+).
-Ratio will only ask you for the permissions it crucially needs to function as your home launcher. Different features require different sets of permissions, and you will be shown what each one does during installation which you can decline or revoke if you wish. To review your Ratio permissions, just to Ratio Settings > Permissions, or you can check them out here.
-Ratio Tool requires access to your computer disk for installation, and phone to enable ADB permissions.
-BllocDesk (now temporarily unavailable) requires access to your computer disk for installation, and WiFi for pairing with your Z18 or device with Ratio Membership.

Why did you take so long to launch on the Google Playstore?

As an independent company, we simply decided to first launch Ratio on our own. Our early beta versions also came with system permissions that Google typically does not allow for launchers. Since then, we have developed Ratio into what it is today, and you can download it from the Google Playstore here.

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