Getting started

The first steps.

If you have just purchased a Zero18 Blloc phone it comes with the version v1.1.2 of our OS.

We recommend you to update your phone once you unpack it.

Updating your phone

We have drafted a simple "How to" guide that will help you to get you started with your Blloc experience.

Community feedback and chat with our team:

Our software is still in development and if you want to get quick help or contribute to its progressive improvement, we would like you to take the time to report your user experience to us on our Community Blloc Telegram channel.

Blloc Users Telegram channel:

who's in there: the Blloc team + all the users who join using this link

We will always try to reply to everyone, fix reported issues and bugs as soon as possible while releasing an update always when required.

This channel, exclusive to our Blloc customers, allows you to get quick help, share your experience and help other new users to get to know the best out of their Blloc.