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Getting started
The first steps.
🌐 Welcome! Our guide is currently only availabe in English, but you’re welcome to use a service to translate it in to your preferred language.
Ratio5 will soon need a membership. Read more in our blog here.
As an early supporter of Blloc, we are offering every user who purchased a phone directly from (and did not return it for a full refund), a lifetime Ratio membership.
If you see a pop up message asking you for a subscription, please see instructions here.
Android 11 is now available. Check out the new features here.
Before you update your phone, please be sure to check out our update guide. In this guide, you can also download the new OTA app that you will need for the update from Android 8.1 to Android 11.
🇪🇸 ¡Bienvenido! nos alegra ver que lo estás usando en español. Por ahora nuestra guía está solamente disponible en inglés, pero te invitamos a usar un traductor para el idioma que prefiera.
🇫🇷 Bienvenue sur cette page, nous sommes heureux que vous utilisiez Ratio en français! Notre guide n'est disponible qu'en anglais pour le moment, mais vous pouvez utilisez un outil tel que Bing ou Google Translate pour traduire ce site. 🇵🇹 Bem vindo/a! De momento este guia apenas está disponível em Inglês, no entanto pode usar qualquer serviço para o traduzir para Português.
Below are a few quick links to get you familiar with the latest updates on the Z18.
Other helpful links:
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